Renewable Energies

The clean energy industry has experienced an exponential development in recent years, which has led to, amongst other things, a rise in new risks.

IT and Electronics

Our experience in the technology industry permits us to help our clients identify, assess and manage their risks more effectively. We focus on risk mitigation first, with particular emphasis on IP, contract management, product liability and supply chain management for manufacturers and suppliers. As a second stage we work with our client and the insurer to construct the appropriate insurance protection at the most competitive terms.

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Underground And Railway

We have invested heavily in specialized placements for this sector, by developing the design of unique insurance programs for metros, trams and trains. This requires close cooperation with reinsurance markets (via our own specialist reinsurance unit), to achieve excellent economic conditions for a given level of coverage, and to ensure that such coverage can be quickly and easily adapted to changes in the exposure.

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Solar Energy

We offer highly customized coverage, designed to respond entirely to the stringent needs of our customers: from erection insurance to performance warrant insurance. Our solutions are focused on individuals and businesses, covering facilities in buildings and solar farms.

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Wind Power

Wind farms require significant capital investment, generally amortized over many years. This means that the wind turbines, in any case, must have insurance tailor made for property, loss of profit and liability. HWI Spain has several innovative solutions, designed to cover all risks.

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