This service has been one of our specialties for more than 35 years ago, providing all the solutions that fit the needs of collectors and for those that have built a business around their passion.

Stamps and philatelic related ítems

We began more than 35 years ago offering expert insuring philatelic related, building a deserved reputation as the premier philately insurer in the world.

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Coins, paper money and numismatic related ítems

Numismatic insurance is one of the most complex service. We provide insurance to the core of the numismatic trade worldwide.

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Fine Art, antiques

Special for art dealers and auctioneer, we offer risk management advice and design insurance policies to suit your individual needs. Exhibits, auctions, travelling exhibitions, art installations, sculpture gardens, etc. A policy can be crafted to your needs.

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Musical Instruments

Our Prelude product has been especially designed for Musicians of all levels, Dealers, Makers, Collectors, Orchestras, etc…

The insurance is written on an all risks worldwide basis. We offer an exceptional service and wealth of experience and knowledge in this niche business.

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Wine and wine storage

There are a number of risks and perils that need to be considered, that are usually excluded in standard household insurance products.

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Gold, bullion, other precious metals

Collecting precious or semi-precious metals is increasing as a solid form of investment for the future. Many insurance policies are not designed for specific needs.

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General dealers

A wide variety of collectibles not fit within the specialised catagories listed, but, as the world’s largest insurance provider in this field, we can create tailor-made policies for almost any collectible genre.

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