Our team offers Reinsurance expertise across the World. Both We have great knowledge of the Continental European Market and find alternative markets in the U.S. and specifically in Bermuda. Our expertise includes both Facultative Reinsurance and Excess of Loss. The key areas in which we operate are Property, Marine and Civil and Profesional Liability.

Insurance Brokers

We offer solutions to the market direct brokers, on all matters relating to reinsurance, for all operations that requires to present to the insurer an extra service that includes a reinsurance component. We have the international support to place certain risks that local brokers are not able. We establish agreements that besides the placement of the risk, require the design of International Programs.

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Insurance Companies

HWI Spain is offering the different insurance companies innovative solutions for Treaties and Facultative Reinsurance. We believe for insurers it is key to find the best value for money of the market for each operation. In this sense, we have extensive experience and knowledge supported on the synergies raised from our international structure.

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