Health & Employee Benefits

Ensuring the talent of your team is a priority, and with HWI's custom programs it's a reality today.

Flexible Compensation Plans

We’ve created the ideal IT tool to handle – Temis Online -, along with our expertise, the process for implementing the plan since its design, communication, the go live and afterwards continuous management.

Implementing our easy and user friendly tool for flexible compensantion plans, will increase your key employees’ engagement and retention ratio since it helps to reconcile personal and professional life with a severe savings increase impact. It´s also the best way to implement a salary increase without additional salary costs.

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Early Retirements

Externalized in an insurance company, contributions, find an acceptable level of income for the employee who will receive a pretty similar salary than used to receive, and enables to contribute to the public retirement pension in a same way that before the early retirement. A much more advantageous solution for both parties: employees and employers. A solution, where the cost to the company will be less and the benefits for the employee will be bigger.

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We have developed international programs tailored to specific companies, regardless of the country chosen for its activity, where we give special emphasis on speed, flexibility and efficiency of coverages. The main insurance on individuals, include coverage for accident, health, travel assistance and where necessary, kidnap and ransom. These are usually part of any competitive compensation package for expatriate employees.

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New insurance solutions are available to our customers, with health insurance to protect their staff, and improve remuneration of the workforce without increasing the gross payroll. A very valued solution by the employees. We can achieve valuable premium reductions or significantly improved coverages without increased costs.

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Life And Accidents

We offer a wide range of life and accident insurance with the most competitive market conditions for both companies and individuals, which include a benefit from favourable tax treatment, and coverages for Spain and abroad.

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The establishment of savings over time through contributions that enable us to safeguard future pensions upon reaching the end of our professional working life, is obviously very important. We have a wide range of solutions for businesses and individuals, benefiting in both ways from advantageous tax treatment.

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